What to do?

Tadalafil 20mg

Probably, there is no man who would throughout his life never have any difficulties with potency. And at least a couple of times, but was that a full erection in the right moment does not occur.
There are many reasons for male erectile mechanism may fail. But in one case, this will be the absolute standard and easy to correction, and, in another sign of starting or already developed impotence and requires immediate professional treatment.

Regardless of the reasons of occurrence of erectile dysfunction (or, as we used to call this disorder, impotence) is the psychogenic and organic.

If this problem occurs, set the first question: “What to do? “. First of all, do not panic and do not lose confidence. It is for the beginning of the need to consult a doctor (urologist, andrologist, and sexologist). Biological methods, which are used in case, if erectile dysfunction was due to organic reasons, recently, again became popular. It is especially after the appearance of ED pills.

All the medicines in question belong to the group of PDE5 inhibitors. They do not have a direct relaxing effect on smooth muscles cavernous bodies, and enhance physiological erectile NO response to the body after sexual excitation. So the erection is itself after taking the ED pills does not occur for its occurrence need to get excited. Drugs in this group will not help in the case of decrease in libido, but show excellent results in the treatment of impotence.

Much can enumerate the advantages of PDE5 inhibitors, their high efficiency in solving problems with erection, high safety and tolerability, but let's consider their main advantages and disadvantages.

Sildenafil citrate (viagra and its generic)

  • Sildenafil starts working after about 40 minutes, and is valid for 4-5 hours. This fact leads to the necessity of planning intercourse, which excludes its spontaneity and naturalness. In addition, sildenafil citrate works best when taken before meal. Food, especially oily weakens the effect of the drug. Not recommended alcohol. Of all the patients who took the drug, 20% were resistant to the action. The reasons for this stability are still unknown.

Tadalafil (cialis and generics)

Tadalafil starts to act a little later sildenafil, approximately 50-60 minutes after taking the tablet, and the maximum concentration of the drug in the blood is achieved only after 2 hours. The half-life of the body is 17.5 hours. Patients will have all conditions for high-quality erection within 36 hours. This allows you to add sex, romance, spontaneity, saturation. However, the side effects (headache, indigestion, back pain) may last for action of the preparation of 36 hours and more. Pharmacokinetics of tadalafil is not depends on food or alcohol. A long period of withdrawal of the drug from the body imposes restrictions on the frequency taking. It is not recommended daily intake of this drug, in order to avoid accumulation.

Tadalafil 20mg

  • Many men ask for recommendations on the taking of drugs. The most effective course of taking PDE5 inhibitors may appoint a specialist only after a detailed study of a clinical picture of a erectile dysfunction causes and peculiarities. Therefore strongly recommend to consult an urologist, an andrologist or sexologist to determine the course of treatment and its further correction, if necessary.

Tadalafil Online

However, we can publish the results of research on the effectiveness of these drugs.
Treatment of erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction

  • Studies conducted on the effectiveness of treatments for erectile dysfunction treatment methods with the use of sildenafil and tadalafil. The research was conducted by men from 25 to 65 years, with erectile dysfunction of varying degrees, caused by different reasons.
  • Nausea;
  • The course of treatment consisted of receiving sildenafil citrate starting with 100 mg (one tablet), and tadalafil (20 mg (one tablet) with further dose adjustment 2-3 times per week for 6 months.
  • Efficacy was assessed by the rising prevalence of erectile function international test ICEF 3 points, or reaches the target of 26 points.
  • In result of tests the greatest efficiency showed Tadalafil (cialis and generics) - 81,3%. Sildenafil (viagra and generic) was effective by 77.8%.
  • The under 35 years the ED pills were equally effective, and in the age group 55 tadalafil was significantly more effective.

When choosing a particular product, you should consider sexual habits. If not important romantic component dating, a combination drug with food or alcohol, it is best to choose sildenafil citrate. if you love spontaneous sex, or want to enjoy a morning sex after a busy night, tadalafil the best solution.

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